Green Eyes and Thrown Rocks – Could This Be a Bigfoot Encounter?

I then walked the few remaining steps to the car and heard a “gruff”…

Jimmy B shares a potential Bigfoot encounter where he had things thrown at him at his family’s cabin in 1979.

Town- Buffalo
Year- 1979 Age- 8

“This little town sets at the bottom of a mountain right next to where the Buffalo and White rivers meet. We even have a mountain named after our family. Fletcher Mountain with the Devils tea pot.

My dad had sent me out to get a pack of cigarettes from the car while they continued to play cards. Full moon but also cloudy. As I walked to the station wagon that was about 20 yards from the cabin on the red dirt gravel I could here to my right in the dense underbrush something moving I stopped and it stopped. I thought I seen something green light green but then it wasn’t there no more.

I started again walking and immediately also heard movement again and looked and again I see light green but at 8 I’m not understanding because there should be nothing light green in the night so I then thought firefly lighting bugs?

“I then walked the few remaining steps to the car and heard a “gruff””

I then walked the few remaining steps to the car and heard a “gruff” that’s the best way to describe this and it scared me. I opened the door and jumped in the front seat and slammed the door.

I set there for what seemed like forever to me and was getting ready to get out and run back to the cabin when a little rock or dirt cloud hit the cars hood. I didn’t move and I remember seeing the sweat roll off of my nose. Again something little was thrown on to the car like dirt or a very small rock.

I sat there very scared. I’ve never felt that fear since. It was intense I looked up into the brush through the passenger side windows and there was that light green again about five feet up in the brush I realized they were eyes at the time they blinked. Yes blinked not real fast not real slow. My dad then called out to me from the cabin and the green was gone!!!

I was to scared to answer him at first but I threw the door open the door and ran back to the cabin and right by him inside. He said what in the world is wrong with you and where are my cigarettes? I tried telling him something was throwing dirt clods at the car and followed me but him and the family laughed and said I was scared of the dark.

I’ve forgotten a lot of things over the years. However that memory is like it just happened yesterday. I realized only years later that it was a Bigfoot. This only came from watching finding Bigfoot and someone else had mentioned the green glow night shine.

No I did not see the body or head or Bigfoot prints but I did experience an intelligent creature step for step with me and then tease me by throwing little stuff at the car. The green glow was very light very light. That is my encounter thank you for letting me share this and not laughing at me.”

Have you seen something unexplainable that you think might have been Bigfoot? We’d love to hear about it. You can use the form below to reach out to us with your story.

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