Man Recalls Childhood Bigfoot Sighting in Virginia

Maybe 7 foot tall, reddish brown hair and his face seemed flat or maybe covered with hair because I can’t remember seeing any facial features.

Ronnie G. recently shared his story with us about a possible Bigfoot sighting when he was a child growing up in Virginia. Keep reading to find out what he saw.

“Really interested in sightings in southeast Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.

I saw one when I was 12- 13 years old in what was then known as Nansmond County Virginia now a part of Suffolk Virginia near a little town called Driver. I went to Driver Middle School and lived in a neighborhood called Glenn Forrest. This was in the mid 1970’s when the area was still really rural.

Sometimes I would walk home from school instead of riding the bus. Probably about a 2 to 2 1/2 mile walk following the railroad tracks from driver, through the fields and woods to near where my neighborhood was.

From what I recall all these many years later it was the maybe late September or early October. I was walking down the tracks like I had done many times before when up in the distance, maybe 50 yards away (I’m not good with distances, and it was a long time ago when I was a kid) I noticed a dark figure squatting down by the railroad tracks. I could hear the sound of it hitting a rock on the tracks which makes a weird sound. I stopped and watched it for maybe a minute. A small plane flew over kind of low and must have startled it. It looked up and watched it fly over. Then it stood up and in one stride, stepped over the tracks and in another stride stepped over the ditch on the other side of the tracks and walked off into the woods.

Never seemed to notice me. Looked to be maybe 7 foot tall, reddish brown hair and his face seemed flat or maybe covered with hair because I can’t remember seeing any facial features.

This scared me enough that I backtracked about a half mile down the tracks and cut across a field to nansmond parkway and followed the roads home instead of walking by that spot.

I never told anyone about it until about 5 years ago. I’m old enough now where I really don’t care what people think. I’ve only told a select few and in doing so have discovered two others that have seen them. One in Windsor, VA and another in the dismal swamp which are both not far away.

Now that I look back it’s one of the most profound things that have happened to me in my 56 years of life.”

Have you seen something unexplainable that you think might have been Bigfoot? We’d love to hear about it. You can use the form below to reach out to us with your story.

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